Servicing of Fire Fighting Equipment

Cobalt Blue Belgium provides servicing of Fire Extinguishers (portable and wheeled), Breathing Apparatus, Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEBDs), Medical Oxygen, Fixed CO2 System, Fixed Dry Powder System, Fixed Foam System, Fixed Gas Detection System, Foam Analysis, Dry Powder Analysis, Air Quality Test, Water Mist System, Fire Alarm System and Smoke Detection System.


Servicing of LifeSaving Equipment and Apparatus

Cobalt Blue Belgium provides servicing of Lifeboats & Davits, Free Fall & Rescue Boat, Hook Modification, Re-Hooking, Testing of Accommodation Ladders and Gangway, and Overload test of Cranes.
Cobalt Blue Belgium also provides servicing of Life Jackets and Immersion Suits.

Calibration Services

Cobalt Blue Belgium provides calibration of Portable Gas Detectors, Temperature Calibrator, Pressure Calibrator, Pressure Gauge, Alcohol Meter, UTI Tapes, 15PPM Bilge Alarm Monitor and ODME.